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The "Old Dogs" make their mark at the Pan Pacific Master Games

Well, what an event it was. With little expectation as to the outcome, 6 intrepid "Old Dogs" decided to go to the Pan Pacific Master Games on the encouragement of Milton Newstead who had attended in previous years. The members who went were:

  • Milton Newstead

  • Barry Osborne

  • Col Ahern

  • Ray Kieseker

  • Peter Kearney

  • Tony Franqou

It started last Sunday with Col Ahern and Ray Kieseker going into the Men's Doubles 70+ and they were just beaten for the Bronze in that event. But they were just warming up.

But then Col Ahern went into the singles event and won a Gold first place. This would have been a tuff event to win so it was a fantastic feat for Col to win.

Now Col could not help himself, he entered the mixed doubles with a lady who he had never met before, pity it wasn't one of our ladies, and lo and behold they win the Gold in that event as well.

Then came Tuesday and Peter Kerney and Col Ahern paired up as well as Milton Newstead and Barry Osborne, and Tony Franqou who was matched with a player from Townsville for the combined doubles 130+ event. But just before the start of that session in the afternoon, the heavens opened up with a downpour of rain that lasted nearly two hours. But the Old Dogs are used to these wet situations and with that determination that nothing will stand in their way with their tennis, Tony and Barry manned the machines to turn the swimming pools back into tennis courts and the event got started a couple of hours late which meant the matches were reduced to just 4 games each set. We were all in different divisions, but Peter and Col came through with a Bronze Medal in this event. Of course, Peter, Antonia, Barry, Anna and Milton had to celebrate with a dinner.

Then on Wednesday, there was the Teams event, with our team of course having a very fitting name Milton's Mongrels which comprised Col Ahern, Ray Kieseker, Milton Newstead and Barry Osborne. These were 8 game sets (first to 8 wins) but were they challenging? We won 3 sets and lost 3 sets but mostly very close sets with many deuces. But we won 40 games to their 34 games to win the Gold Medal.

Once again there had to be a celebration, a good meal and a few drinks, and what does a Mongrel love more than anything, but to chew on a bone?

It was a great event and so much fun. There were players from all around Australia and they were all there to have fun. The Pan Pacific Master Games are not just tennis but involve about 30 or 40 sports. It was a fantastic event and I could not recommend it more. The Gold Coast was a real buzz with the competitors and they were out to have plenty of fun. So I can see what a great event this would be for us to put an Old Dogs contingent together for next year. So if you are interested please make it known to Milton or me, so that when it comes around again we know who to contact. There was some talk that they may run it again next year. But you would need to book accommodation well in advance.

So a big thank you and congratulations on a job well done to Milton, Barry, Col, Ray, Peter and Tony, I am sure they would all recommend our inclusion next time around. So why not join us and have some fun?

Life can be so much more interesting, challenging and most importantly FUN when you agree to do something and not let the opportunities go by. So be involved and make the decision to be a part of the camaraderie you could be surprised what enjoyment you can have.

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