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Walks Of Discovery

Old man running while holding a bottle of water


Walks Of Discovery

One of the biggest issues with older people staying in their homes, is simply that they stay in their home. It is critical that people get outside in the sunlight and walking the streets is a great way of meeting people. If you are in your own home and not in a Retirement Village you are meeting all types of people and not all of your own age group. You are a part of the local community and feel that you are still relevant to the world. So best to get out a walk at least twice a day for all the benefits below. Then there are the interesting Walks in Nature or along the River but each outing is a means of meeting new people and the potential of developing friendships

Why Is Walking Everyday Good For You As You Age

Walking every day as you age has numerous benefits for your physical and mental well-being. Here are some reasons why it's considered beneficial: 

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