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Couples Dancing

Dancing With Confidence



Sessions are on Fridays at 10.30 am to 11.30 am
at the Paddington Hall, 10 Moreton Street, Paddington, 4064 Qld.

Sessions Led By Jody Rollason

Jody has competed and coached students in all three styles in the ballroom field (Modern, Latin & New Vogue) and danced Nationally and Internationally. As a current coach, adjudicator and competitor, Jody has spent the last 20 years focussing on building her studio and reinvigorating the love of Ballroom Dancing to all. Bringing the joy of dance to all ages is what is most important to Jody as she continues to grow the studio and its students alongside her other four dance instructors. Jody has been able to realise her dream, operating her studio out of 3 locations and looking to expand and offer her skills and expertise to more dancers with all skill sets. 

On meeting with Jody, she was very excited about the challenge that AAH had given her, to develop confidence in the participants of our Dance Sessions to be able to go to dance venues, enjoy dancing and have fun.  

Learn more about Jody and Rhythm & Dance Attitude

Jody Rollason


Box Waltz - Session 1

What a great start it was, and right from the beginning, Jody was on the same wavelength as us in that she started to teach us the Waltz but referred to it as the Box Waltz, as it is a movement in a square. See the bottom two videos.

Then she went about adding a turn to the move. It was simple but easy to remember, and it didn't take long for the participants to feel they could do it. 

After the session, we had lunch together, and the consensus was that it was a great session and it was fantastic fun. This is shown by the party noise in the first two videos; our apologies.

Videos will be included weekly so you can practice at home before the next session.

A big thank you to  Jody and also all the participants. 


Box Waltz - Session 2: Add Ons

In this session, Jody added a Whisk, a Wing and a 1/6th of a Reversed Turn.


This may sound a little difficult, but we all found it easy to learn. The important point to remember here is that one can be very creative together, and you can do whatever you want to do and include the add-ons or not. 

In very confined spaces like the many dance floors at various venues around Brisbane, you could just do the box waltz and include a slight turn as you move around the dance floor. Then where space allows you to include the underarm turn that we learned in the first session. 

But overall everyone thought it was great fun and we went for coffee afterwards to celebrate our achievement.

New Addition as the 22nd August


The Jive

We only just made a start on the Jive as we were still refreshing ourselves with the Waltz. But it was thought that this would be a good inclusion as we may be dancing at the AGM on the 21st of August at the Bardon Bowls Club and it would be for sure that we will be wanting to do the Jive.

This is just the basic step for both the male and female. Next week will be about adding more moves to this dance. 

So practice this now and I hope to see you up on the dance floor on Monday night.

Don't forget to register below for the dance session next week.

More Additions To The Jive

Video added 30th August from dance session 28th August.


The Cha Cha Cha

Now, onto something with a little Latin flavour. Originally from Cuba and developed in the 1950s. The name of the dance is derived from the shuffling sound of the dancer's feet when they dance two consecutive quick steps. 


Great fun, so why not come along and try?




The Tango

Tango is a partner and social dance that originated in the 1880s along the Río de la Plata, the natural border between Argentina and Uruguay. The tango was born in the impoverished port areas of these countries from a combination of Argentine Milonga, Spanish-Cuban Habanera, and Uruguayan Candombe celebrations.

It's great fun, but getting into the rhythm is a little more challenging. 


These videos  below include the extra steps that were included on Friday 24th May 2024



The Samba

Samba is a lively dance of Afro-Brazilian origin in 2/4 time danced to samba music. The term "baby" originally referred to several Latin duet dances originating in the Congo and Angola. Wikipedia


With its 2/4 rhythm, Brazilian Samba arose from a mixture of African and European influences in the 1500s. It is one of the most popular dances in the world from South America. The dance has evolved to become a cultural identity for Brazilians. Tracing its influence from native Angolan and Congo genres, the modern dance is a testament to different cultures.



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