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It took us 40 years but we got to the Pyramids

Updated: Apr 1

To break the main flying part of the trip, we had stop overs in Singapore and Dubai. It was a bit hectic and a little nerve racking, especially the airports and finding the people organised for transfers. But overall the people have been friendly and it is so wonderful to see other parts of the world not seen before.

Our first stop, was an overnight stay in Singapore so that we only had approximately a 7 hour flight from Brisbane. So we arrived late afternoon their time and had a nice walk around the area which was good after the flight. Next morning we decided to go to a Cable Car ride to Sentosa Island. Only getting their to find that it was the 50th Anniversary of the Cable Car and so it was free to all pensioners. Well there were thousands of pensioners who had a free ride for the day, and the que was very long. So forget that we had a plane to catch. So we walked back down the hill and went back to the hotel to leave for the airport.

Next Stop is Dubai and we had two nights here.

We have been there before so we knew what to expect. It is such an experience to see the Architechural differences from normal cities. Most are not square as we normally find buildings in Australia, they are all shapes with different angles which is so impressive. So it is easy to understand that the tallest building in the world is here as well as the largest shopping centre. It is amazing and at night there is a light show on the building.

We stayed at the Pullman Hotel and it was fantastic, an excellent standard and the food was fantastic. We found the people very friendly and helpful and very westernised in many ways which makes you feel comfortable. The city like Singapore is very clean and you feel safe walking around even at night. We had time to spend by the pool and relax which was fantastic. That is what you need on a holiday.

Now off to Egypt and Cairo. Before coming here our concern was injury from bombs or whatever happens with the issue in the middle east. However, the drive from Cairo airport to our hotel on the outskirts was an awaking. It was taking your life in your hands driving on these narrow congested roads and everyone swerving from one side of the road to the other. The line marking the lanes is used as the line to follow so you have the vehicle half in each lane. We only had one small accident on the way but potentially a lot more. We were so happy to see the end of the hour trip and arrive at the hotel.

What a surprise it was. We stayed at the Marriott Mana House which is very historical and is situated at the Pyramids themselves.

However, the next day of visiting the Pyramids by ourselves, introduced us to the real issue of travelling to Egypt. The hawkers are out in force all with their schemes of how to extract money from you and they are so persistent that you can't relax. But eventually learned how to ignore it as best as we could even though it spoils the holiday feeling.

This site was where the Australian Army was housed in tents in the grounds during the first world war. Also, Winston Churchill was at a World Leaders Conference at this hotel in 1943.

But I must say here, visit Egypt is not the best experience in some ways, but to actually see what was actually done by these early civilisations is unbelievable. HOW? Keeps entering your mind. How could they move these massive blocks some 5 to 10 tons each, move them from quaries from other parts of the country and put them in place to such heights with such precision. This is all 4000 years a go.

The Sphinx is calved out of a single hill side. What were their tools? It keeps crossing your mind, how did they do all this?

We then moved onto the River Cruise boat at Luxor.

But the next phase of the visit is to the temples and to see the enormous size of the buildings constructed. How comes up again. What makes it amazing is the enormity of the buildings, there is not just a few large pillars there are 100 in one spot.

But when you get to the burial sites in the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens, to see the work that went into these sites is amazing, to see them today and yet they were produced over 3000 years ago.

But the detail, the colours and the stories inscribed on the stone.

But everywhere you look the enormity of what one sees just makes it so difficult to understand how this ancient civilisation could achieve all they did as there are so many temples and burial sites.

More to come in the next day or so.

Happy Easter to all.

Barry Osborne

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