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It is up to each of us to make a difference.

I read an article called The Age of Resilience in the Weekend Australian, and it was about "Building resilience as we grow older is about deep connections." It was written by Gordon Parker, Scientia Professor of psychiatry at the University of NSW. It was definitely a worthwhile read and I would really like to mention a few of the points made that we should all take on board. But before that, I would like to refer to one of our recent events which demonstrates I believe, the point this article makes.

Spring Tea / Brunch Dance Party that was held on the 7th of October for the Dancing for Gregory Class. It was organised by Gregory Moodie with the support of AAH. It was a way that Gregory wanted to say thank you to the members of AAH who have for many weeks participated in the class and more importantly learnt much as well as had a lot of fun.

What an event it was and what an enormous effort Gregory Moodie went to ensure it was memorable and most of all, a special event that we who attended won't forget. AAH's philosophy has been that we should use the skills and passion of our members to build our activities and social events. This is exactly what was done with Gregory Moodie demonstrating his love of dancing but most importantly sharing this with the class members. His background was being a winning professional dancer and having his own dance studio in Victoria. He has been a great teacher in helping many of us, to learn to dance, but he did it in such a way that everyone wanted to turn up to the next lesson.

But there is more. It is the extra effort that Gregory went to that made it memorable. He is living and sharing the philosophy of the article I mentioned at the beginning.

"The resilient individual has a positive sense of themselves, an ability to confront adversity and the capacity to find hope and meaning in life. With Resilience comes strength and action; without it comes weakness and victimhood. Resilient people face realities with vigour, make meaning of hardship and improvise solutions. They more readily tap into hope, are more optimistic and eschew negativity. Even when under pressure, they are distinguished by a continuing curiosity about life's events and changes. A key marker is that they keep moving forward."

Gregory showed us at this event, that you can do things in a way to make it happen but you can do it to a level where it is a WOW! He pulled out all stops to impress us all and he did. Take a look at the spread and the detail of the table.

But we had fun as usual and enjoyed our dance class even more with the help of a little champagne. We all dressed up for the occasion and felt young again but really enjoyed ourselves. It is a great thank you to Gregory to go the extra mile in making something very special. In moments like this, I can see the philosophy of AAH become meaningful, in living life to the full.

To follow on from the Weekend Australian article.

"The wellbeing literature informs us that about 20% of people are "flourishers", 20% are "languishers" and the rest of us cluster in the middle.

Flourishers wake up each morning bright-eyed and ready for action. They are engaging and enthusiastic, lighting up others. When faced with adversity they show true resilience: motivating others in the face of setbacks, finding positives in the challenges they face and often rendering adversity transformative."

So in which group do you find yourself? I know where Gregory fits. He could have taken a lot less trouble in putting on this event and yet he decided to go over and above any expectation for the enjoyment of others.

So to all those members who want to quickly come up with a reason as to why NOT to do something, take a fresh breath and say let's give it a go, it just may change your life.

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Barry Osborne
Barry Osborne
03 nov 2022

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