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Cabaret Night with a Difference

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

It is my opinion that sometimes we are all too serious about life. You turn the TV on to watch the news and only get depressed with the stories about:

  • the war overseas

  • the deaths from Covid,

  • the scams taking well-earned money from honest people

  • the cost of living that is rising,

  • the nightmare of going on that holiday of a lifetime but with the need to go through that congested airport with all its problems

  • and definitely not the day to have a heart attack as the ambulances will be too late to get you to the hospital.

But I have a solution to this issue. I live in Payne Street Auchenflower and also living on that street, is My Mate Paul, Mr Paul Wray. He and his wife are committed walkers each day, like my wife and I who need to walk our dog twice each day. So often we meet on the street or at the coffee shop, and I can be assured of some good old belly laughs to put me in the right frame of mind for the day, with no depression from the bad news stories just a smile on my face.

So I go to My Mate Paul and ask whether we could do something different at our next Cabaret Night. I explain that I would like to add some comedy to the night and bring smiles to our member's faces. This is the other thing about My Mate Paul, no need to ask twice. He was all for it and thought it was a great idea, but even better he takes control of making it happen. Before I know it, he has agreed to do, the following:

  • will decide on an agenda of snippets of Comedy through the ages

  • wants to have a BBQ, and will organise one to be delivered to the venue

  • will purchase the meat and bread rolls

  • will purchase better quality disposable plates

  • will MC the evening

  • will cook the BBQ

  • will get his wife to design the entrees and salads from the caterers

So My Mate Paul, just made it happen. With the help of our big heart man, Milton Newstead who also cooked on the second BBQ. Mr Noel Tosca helped out with the setting up and then took control of the drinks at the bar. The atmosphere of the night was fantastic, the comedy brought laughs, the food was fantastic and the discussion between the attendees was great. We could not have asked for a better night. For those who did not attend, it was your loss.

But we also then put on the music and the dancing started. You would think that we were teenagers again, jiving to the music of that era. There also was our own in-house tennis coach Walter Myer who just so happens to be also a terrific dancer and made certain that every woman was up on the dance floor. Everyone went home with enjoyment in their heart and smiles on their faces.

But this is what AAH is about. Committed to bringing fun and enjoyment into our lives but also great companionship. Not afraid of trying something different with members getting involved and helping to make the night a success. My Mate Paul, even went further, when I asked how much do I owe you for all the purchases he made, he says with his normal cheeky smile, "Baz, that is my contribution". What a man!

From all of us, thank you Paul Wray for a great effort. You are a champion.

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