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Toowong Tennis Old Dogs at Haig Rd Bistro

Another very successful social event was held by the Toowong Tennis Old Dogs. This

event we wanted to be special and different from the last event, and it surely was. Fortunately, we saw that a new restaurant was opening in Haig Rd. Auchenflower, in the same premises as where the well reviewed Sprout Restaurant use to operate. It was a fantastic venue which was the common acclamation of the 32 attendees, Old Dogs and their partners.

We are very appreciative of Arvid Noack's efforts, the owner of the Restaurant, who went out of his way to meet our requirements and to make the evening a very special evening. Every attendee was in total agreement with the quality of the food, the attentiveness and helpfulness of the staff, and also the great ambiance of the restaurant. Check out the special menu that Arvid and his chef came up with for us, which all attendees raved about.

The Toowong Tennis Old Dogs as a group has been operating for nearly 40 years and of late has successfully attracted a number of new members and more so some younger members. We love our tennis with many members playing a number of times during the week and even though many of our members are of a reasonable age, many are very good at tennis. The newer members are bringing a higher standard to the group which was one of our aims. But we also want the group to stand for more than just playing tennis. As many of the members are retired, the camaraderie and socialisation are very important components of the group. We are there for each other when life's challenges occur. So our Social Events like the successful one at Haig Rd. Bistro are important to us. We hope to run at least two a year, and these events are mainly funded by our group's kitty with attendee's paying a small amount towards the cost.

So a big thank you goes to Arvid and his staff in making the Toowong Tennis Old Dogs Social Event a great success.

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