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The Invincible Milton Newstead

We all know this Milton Newstead, he is the one they even created a song about

"Come on Milton, Come on, Come on" we have all sung that. Now you all know him from the tennis court, where so often you thought you could beat him on the tennis court with a fantastic tennis shot, but to your amazement he got it back and worse still he sidelines you and wins the point.

Now, it just so happens that he plays the same in the surgery game. They had him out, split his sternum, pulled his chest a part, and then put new vessels into his heart. The vessels stolen from his legs. Now this would knock any normal man, but not our Milton. Yesterday, just one week after surgery, he was walking up stairs and did 16 stairs in the morning and then in the afternoon did 36 steps, all without any Angina pain. What a man?

Now you all want to know, how he is, so I asked him, and you can hear from him directly:

He even allowed me to take a sexy photo of him for our ladies:

Milton in his stockings, another song written by Rod Stewart with Milton in mind "If you think I'm Sexy",

But the best news of all, is that Milton is going home tomorrow. So Milton, we wish you all a fast recovery and can't wait to see you again, and importantly back on the tennis court, causing us all havoc.

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