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The Invincible Col Ahern

Well, Col indeed took my advice to "Give it a Go!" and boy did he show what he could do. He entered four events and won two gold medals and two bronze medals.

Now, the truth is that he cannot say no to a nice-looking lady. This is the lady he played in the PanPacific Games, where he also won a Gold. So when she phones Col up and pleads for him to come to South Australia to play, what could our Col do but say YES! She was confident that they could win again. A brilliant lady; we all know how good our Col is.

Not only did they win the Gold in the above 75-year-olds, but they also took the youngsters on in the above 70-year-olds. What a man! You did us proud, Col.

Now, from my appreciation, why would anyone want to take on singles when they are in their 70s? Well, nothing will stop our Col. He was right into it and then walked away with a Bronz medal. Fantastic Col.

Remember when I said we should all take up the philosophy "Give it a Go" as you may be surprised by the Fun you could have. Well, our Col learnt that by celebrating on the last night. Listen to this wild man:

“Danced “ on Centre court last night when they covered it and had a Band, DJ video clips, etc., celebrations, food and plenty of Cooper's beer.

My right knee and leg fared worse, so I could not do the “twist “ to Chubby Checker. However, I made a few moves to Abba."

This Col has turned into some party animal, and how will poor Vicki keep him under control?

But in all of this, there is a lesson for us all.

"Give it a Go" is a phrase that encourages people of any age to try something new or take on a challenge. There are several reasons why it's beneficial for individuals to adopt this mindset. Firstly, trying new things helps us expand our horizons and discover hidden talents or passions. It allows us to leave our comfort zones and experience personal growth.

Secondly, trying new activities or taking on challenges can boost our self-confidence. Decreasing outside our usual routine and accomplishing something we never thought possible can enhance our sense of accomplishment and belief in ourselves.

Additionally, embracing the "Give it a Go" attitude can foster a positive mindset and resilience. Life is full of unknowns, and being willing to try new endeavours helps us develop adaptability and bounce back from setbacks. It teaches us that failure is not a defining factor but rather an opportunity to learn and improve.

Lastly, trying new things keeps life exciting and prevents stagnation. It allows us to continuously learn and evolve, essential for personal fulfilment and staying engaged with the world.

Remember, age should never be a barrier to exploration and growth.

"Give it a Go" can lead to a more vibrant and fulfilling life regardless of age.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COL, For tomorrow.

The Big 78. You did the Old Dogs Proud.

As you may or may not know, Col is going into hospital for a big operation on Tuesday, but of course, he will play tennis on Monday. But Col, we will be all thinking of you and praying that all goes well and we have you back on the courts in no time.

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