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A Night to Remember

Another Social Event was put on in the Qld Spinners & Weavers Hall and a fantastic time was had by all. It showed that the Toowong Tennis Old Dogs can do much more than just play tennis.

It is important to make the time to socialise and have the opportunity to meet members and their partners and get to know them better. On the tennis court there is not much chance to really get to know people especially many of the new members and with so many sessions now (7 at this stage offering 60 spots per week), you may never meet other members. But to have a nice enviroment which was created for this event, makes it possible for us to have the time to have a worthwhile discussion with other members and their partners.

In previous blogs you can read much about the importance of being active on the tennis court but scientific research has now also proven the importance of socialising. But the lack of opportunities for many of us to meet new friends to go out in pleasant surroundings and simply have a good time whilst meeting new people and have the opportunity to have a worthwhile discussion. The one blog article that we put into action was 10 Brain Rules for Ageing Well . Read it again, and read about the work of a Harvard researcher and the effect that taking the minds of people back to another era. This happened to us on the night, you could see the smiles coming to people faces as they listened to Simon and Garfunkel and see that their minds were going back to another time.

It was good to see people up on the dance floor enjoying themselves, whilst others were just as happy to sit, watch and listen to the music. A special mention has to go to our own inhouse Tennis Coach Walter Meyer who was giving Elly Martin some coaching on moving her feet on the dance floor. It was great to see, we are all still in many ways young at heart, but it is important to take advantage of these opportunities and be getting out and having fun and not locked into our homes. It is up to us all, to keep feeling young and alive, but it will only happen by getting out into the community.

This group is not about just thinking of yourself, it is thinking of the group and all its members and each of us taking the effort to support initiatives that is going to be helpful to the majority of members and therefore to the group as a whole. So be a part of these events, you might be surprised as to how much you enjoy yourself.

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