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Toowong Tennis Old Dogs

This group has been operating for over 40 years and has now developed into an array of tennis sessions (8 in all) spread throughout the week. Both men and mixed doubles are at various levels of play. Playing most days of the week in Toowong or  Bardon.

Romantic senior couple dancing together at dance hall

Dancing Classes

Have you lost the confidence or the inclination to have an exciting time with your partner on the dance floor? Then this activity is for you. Learn to dance or renew your skill and confidence. Lessons in the mornings in the Auchenflower area.

Walks of Discovery

Walks of Discovery 

There are many scenic and historical walks offered around Brisbane. What a better way to be outside in the fresh air with friends and see the wonderful sites of Brisbane. Start with a coffee and end with a lunch in one of our great venues.


Training in using Computers and Mobile (coming soon)

In today's age, using technology is essential. There is so much for you to achieve and be able to do things better if you just had a better understanding of the computer and your mobile. Make it easier on yourself.

Stretching Together

Increase Flexibility of your body
(coming soon)

Flexibility can improve your posture, which reduces strain on your spine and core muscles and eases related pains. The issue lies in the sedentary lifestyles that too many people live. So important to be Active and learn how to move properly.

Weight Lifting

Light Weight Training
(coming soon)

As you age, you can still build muscle, but you need to work at it and it is so important not to think that you do not need that anymore. Your body deserves to be looked after and you will feel much better for it. So take the action and join this session.

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